What to do if the CAS Is involved In a case?

If there is CAS involvement in a case, that means that there is a child protection concern. These concerns need to be dealt with before we can take the case into our centres, as we have a group environment and must ensure the safety of the children and families using the centre and the centres staff and volunteers, too.

Once the CAS has investigated and determined that there are no protection concerns, we may accept the case for intake to determine if it is appropriate for our service. In advance of an intake interview, we would need consents in writing from both parties to obtain confirmation from the CAS that they have concluded their investigation and for the CAS to inform APCO of the outcome.

We may accept families for children to visit with the non-custodial party where the custodial party remains involved with the CAS on a voluntary basis for follow-up, but we will not supervise custodial parties nor will we supervise children who are in the care of the CAS or under protection orders or ongoing supervision orders.

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