How APCO Collects Your Personal Information

APCO collects your personal information directly from you during your intake interview. Sometimes we may obtain and exchange information about you from/with other sources, for example:

  • your lawyer
  • a government agency or registry
  • a Children’s Aid Society (CAS)
  • the police
  • the Family Responsibility Office
  • the courts
  • the Office of the Children’s Lawyer

Consent For Disclosure Of Information

During the intake interview, clients are asked to sign the consent for disclosure of information form, which will allow APCO to use or disclose your personal information. Normally, we ask for your consent in writing, but in some circumstances, especially with regards to the setting up of visits (schedules, time, day, date, type of food, child’s special needs, change of access time, etc.), we may accept your verbal consent, at the discretion of the staff.

What Personal Information Does APCO Collect?

At APCO we ask every client to provide us with personal information, such as your full name, full address and telephone number, your lawyer’s name and phone number, income, marital status, license plate number, two persons for emergency contacts, etc. If we do not collect and use your personal information, we cannot provide you with service.

When Might APCO Disclose Your Personal Information?

Access for Parents and Children in Ontario always values confidentiality and, in particular, will not reveal sensitive personal information (such as your address and phone number) to the other party or to his or her lawyer.

However, clients should be aware that everything they communicate with APCO will be documented and under certain circumstances may be disclosed; for example, when required by a court order, when a child protection agency or the police request information for an investigation, and so forth.

For clarification or if you have any concerns about your personal information being disclosed, please speak to your caseworker.

Updating Your Information

You and your child’s personal information, such as date of birth, health card number, income, telephone number, address and picture are all important in providing services to your family. It is important that the information be accurate and up-to-date. If any of your information changes while using our program, please inform us as soon as possible.

Access To Client Information

APCO will allow clients and their lawyers to have access to the observation reports and copies of the logs documenting communications between clients and APCO. Please be advised that you may only have access to your information if your case is active with our program. Once your file is closed, neither party can have access to their information unless both parties agree.

If you change your lawyer, APCO will not provide information to the new lawyer unless he or she provides a letter giving your consent.