How to apply for the supervised access program

Referrals should be made through your lawyer. A copy of the court order or signed separation agreement which specifies the conditions of parenting time (times, dates, and frequency of the visits) must be emailed or faxed by your lawyer to our office. All referrals are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If space is not available, you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted as soon as space does become available.

If you do not have a lawyer, then a self-referral may be acceptable if both parties provide a court order.

Our program also needs the contact numbers for both parties in order to book intake interviews.

To discuss your suitability for a self-referral, contact our program at:

Who can make a

  • The Courts
  • Lawyers for either party
  • The Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL)
  • A self-referral provided with a court order

Conditions for acceptance into the program

  • Each referral is subject to acceptance by the program
  • Each party must attend an intake interview to determine suitability
  • An administration fee of $50.00 is required at the intake interview
  • Upon acceptance into the program, an annual user fee for the current year is required. See “User Fees.”
  • We reserve the right to restrict or limit program use

When making a referral, please include the following:

  • A copy of the court order which specifies the terms and conditions of access (times, dates, and frequency of the visits)
  • Copies of affidavits (from court files representing both parties) in relation to custody and access
  • Any social work or psychological assessments
  • A copy of a CAS letter indicating there is no longer an open file with CAS or CAS is involved only on a voluntary basis.
  • A copy of the bail condition and/or restraining order, if applicable