We Are

Access for Parents and Children in Ontario (APCO) is a not-for-profit organization that provides supervised parenting time to separated families. We are funded by the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services (MCCSS) of Ontario and operated by a Board of Directors. Access for Parents and Children in Ontario has been serving the community since 1992.

What We Do

When parents separate, visits for the child with the parent (or a relative) who doesn’t have custody may present difficulties. Access for Parents and Children in Ontario (APCO) supervises visits by non-custodial parents/visiting parties (or other relatives) and supervises exchanges; that is, when one parent (or caregiver) drops off a child and the other picks up the child.

Supervised visits may reduce the stress a child experiences, by providing a neutral conflict-free atmosphere where parent and child can have constructive contact.

Also, supervised visitation can address a number of concerns. For example: there may be concerns about the safety of a child or mother; the visiting party may have a drug or alcohol problem or a psychiatric disability; there may have been a lengthy separation between the parent and child; or there may be a risk of abduction.


Act as a neutral third party!
Provide a safe and child-focused setting for parenting time!
Committed to the best interests of children!
Offer supervised visits and exchanges through-out the GTA!